From the ‘Smoke that Thunders’ and the world’s largest man-made lake, to the ancient floodplains  of the mighty Zambezi River and towering rock formations of the Matobo Hills, this is Zimbabwe.

The Heart Of
Southern Africa

A vibrant country of dramatic landscapes, impressive national parks and warm, welcoming people. Located in the heart of southern Africa, land-locked Zimbabwe has all the ingredients for the perfect safari destination. Bordered by two rivers, namely the Zambezi in the north and the Limpopo in the south, forming an inland plateau filled with distinctive granite outcrops, rugged mountains and lush forests as well as open savannah and thornveld thickets, al teeming with game. 

Highlight attractions include Victoria Falls and the northern national parks of Mana Pools, Hwange, and Bumi Hills, which is where we concentrate most of our safari operations. The site of one of the largest wildlife relocation programmes yet undertaken – Operation Noah – is the area around Kariba Dam, which holds back the floodwaters of the Zambezi and is the largest body of man-made water in the world. Steeped in history dating back thousands of years, Zimbabwe is a cultural melting pot that includes 2000-year-old San cave paintings and the Iron Age stone citadel of Great Zimbabwe,  a thriving trade centre hundreds of years before colonisation. 


16 million




Zimbabwe Dollar, although USD is widely accepted


Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona, and Ndebele the most common.


390 745 sq km


Between July and October when game viewing is at its peak.

Take a look at Kenya’s primary regions to guide you to which you’d like included on your itinerary.

At a Glance

Experience Zimbabwe

One of Zimbabwe’s top tourist attractions, Victoria Falls is geared almost exclusively towards tourism and remains a popular choice. Hwange National Park stands out as the country’s largest game reserve, renowned for its vast elephant herds, lions, and diverse birdlife. Mana Pools National Park mesmerises with its riverine ecosystems, allowing close encounters with elephants, hippos, and crocodiles. Matobo National Park offers opportunities to spot protected rhinos, leopards, and rare bird species amidst striking granite formations. Game Drives, bush walks, kayaking and boat cruises bring these regions and their offerings to life.


A Vibrant Safari Destination

Zimbabwe is a country endowed with natural beauty, profound history, vast and remarkable landscapes, and an incredible diversity of wildlife, birdlife, national parks, and reserves to explore. A wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, with an abundance of reserves. Among Zimbabwe’s primary selling points are Victoria Falls, Matopo Hills, the Great Zimbabwe Monuments and the game-rich Hwange, Zambezi River, Mana Pools and Gonarezhou National Parks. Most of the country’s popular tourist spots are situated far from its main cities in secluded locations, ensuring remote crowd-free experiences. The capital Harare is a vibrant metropolis with a distinctly African flavour, while Bulawayo and the surrounding Matopos Hills are where culture, history and natural beauty intertwine.

Victoria Falls
Hwange National Park
Sapi Reserve
Malilangwe Private Reserve
Mana Pools
Bumi Hills

Victoria Falls

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls is recognised as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. Its namesake city is an iconic destination that has rightfully been included on every Southern African itinerary for decades.

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe's premier wildlife sanctuary and one of Africa's most incredible conservation areas offers an unforgettable safari adventure, characterised by its impressive wildlife populations and captivating landscapes. Set out on game drives through the park's diverse habitats, encountering the famous Big Five as well as an array of other fascinating wildlife species.

Sapi Reserve

Sapi Reserve lies adjacent to the renowned Mana Pools National Park with diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and a commitment to conservation. Encounter massive elephant herds, stealthy leopards and the grace of prancing antelope. Sapi Reserve is home to a myriad of bird species, delighting avid birdwatchers with their vibrant colours and melodic calls.

Malilangwe Private Reserve

Malilangwe Private Reserve in the heart of the Gonarezhou region of Zimbabwe is a sanctuary of untouched beauty and biodiversity. Explore the rolling hills, granite outcrops, and open plains on exhilarating game drives and guided walks in search of the incredible array of wildlife that thrives in this pristine habitat, including majestic elephants, graceful giraffes, stealthy leopards, and a variety of antelope species.

Mana Pools

Mana Pools National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that brings you closer to the wonders of nature with its pristine landscapes and untouched ecosystems in the raw untamed wilderness of Africa. Explore the park's floodplains, meandering rivers, and lush woodlands on game drives and walking safaris guided by experienced rangers.

Bumi Hills

Bumi Hills is a place where nature takes centre stage. Marvel at the expansive views of Lake Kariba, with its shimmering waters stretching to the horizon. Explore the surrounding wilderness, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Encounter elephants, zebras, giraffes, and an assortment of birds including African fish eagles, and colourful kingfishers.