A string of exceptional equatorial islands set in a dazzling ocean off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles epitomises everything the perfect island escape should be, with soft, white palm-fringed beaches lapped by clear azure seas. 

Nature’s Beauty
On Bold Display

This collection of 115 islands is renowned the world over for its stunning beauty and fabulous hospitality. Known the world over for its stunning beaches, pristine coral reefs, amazing diving, nature reserves and rare wildlife such as the giant Aldabra tortoise, Seychelles is quite simply a tropical paradise. The warmth and hospitality of the Seychellois Creole people are matched by some of the best hotels and resorts in Africa. 

Mahé island is home to Seychelles’ international airport and is a key transport hub from where travellers can visit other islands. It’s also home to the capital city of Victoria, the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and picture-perfect white-sand beaches including the beautiful Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka.  Combine Mahé with one of the other main islands like Praslin or La Digue for a well-rounded holiday, or opt for a visit to one of the renowned private islands with their exclusive lodges and resorts.






Seychellois Rupee


English, French, Seychellois Creole


The aggregate land area is only 455 square kilometres


All year, with safaris best in the long dry season which falls from July to September

At a Glance

Experience Seychelles

A wildness adds to the appeal and it’s not hard to happen upon a beach where you can leave the first pair of prints in the powder-white sand. With curious wildlife often comparable to that of the Galápagos found among the virgin forest and coral reefs, the archetypal Indian Ocean paradise has palm-fringed beaches lining the dreamy-turquoise sea. Stay at North Island, the super-natural, ultra-private island, or on Frégate Island, where a glamorous desert-island experience is completed by private yachts and secluded beaches. In a nation that takes environmentalism seriously, a visit to Seychelles has the added feel-good element that every property is doing its part in protecting the fauna and flora for which it is renowned.

REGIONS OF Seychelles

Unabashed Natural Beauty and Wildlife

In addition to unabashed natural beauty and wildlife, the main island of Mahé, where the capital Victoria is located, has beautiful 18th- and 19th-century French and British architecture. St Anne National Marine Park, which covers six islands including Ste Anne, Ile Moyenne, Ile Ronde, Ile Longue, Ile Cachee and Ile aux Cerfs can be enjoyed from here. The century-old Botanical Gardens at the south end of Victoria extends for six hectares and is planted with a wide variety of indigenous and exotic trees, including the Seychelles islands’ unique ‘coco de mer’ palms. An appealing wildness adds to the romance and it’s not hard to happen upon a beach where you can leave the first two pairs of meandering tracks in the powder-white sand. 


Experience the epitome of luxury in one of our hand-selected and personally vetted stays. A quarter of the islands are private resort islands. Most intimate enough to be home to just one resort hotel, meaning you could have the whole island to yourself in castaway fantasy style. 

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