Experience the stunning, stark beauty of the world’s oldest desert with its vast landscapes that seem to stretch to eternity, stunning contrasts, natural wonders and wildlife uniquely adapted to one of the most hostile environments on earth.

The Land That
Time Forgot

This southwestern African country entices with its grand landscapes, from the vast expanses of the Namib Desert, where towering dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean, to the rugged beauty of the Fish River Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the world. The country has rich wildlife in a kaleidoscope of different environments including the arid pans of Etosha, the endless horizons of the Namib Naukluft, the lush and verdant Caprivi Strip and the wide open spaces of Damaraland.

Namibia in southwest Africa is distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast. Home to diverse wildlife, including a significant cheetah population. The capital, Windhoek, and coastal town Swakopmund contain German-era buildings such as Windhoek’s Christuskirche, built in 1907. In the north, Etosha National Park’s salt pan draws game including rhinos and giraffes. But mostly it’s the vastness of the land and sense of space that will mesmerise. A vast country inhabited by a small population that brings extremes together in a single trip.


64 million




Tanzanian Shilling


Swahili, English


947,303 sq km


All year, with safaris best in the long dry season which falls from July to September

Take a look at Namibia’s primary regions to guide you to which you’d like included on your itinerary.

At a Glance

A Cultural Tapestry of Tribes and Traditions

Namibia’s cultural landscape is a captivating blend of diverse tribes, each with its own distinct traditions and practices. The Himba people, known for their striking red ochre-covered bodies and intricate braided hairstyles, provide a window into a semi-nomadic pastoral way of life. The San people, regarded as the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa, showcase ancient hunter-gatherer traditions and incredible knowledge of the land. From the Ovambo to the Damara and many more, Namibia’s tribes offer a vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage, expressed through unique music, dances, artwork, and spiritual rituals.

Experience Namibia

Namibia presents a wide range of activities for every explorer. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon over Sossusvlei, where you’ll witness the mesmerizing sunrise over the majestic sand dunes. Experience thrilling game drives in Etosha National Park, tracking wildlife and encountering magnificent creatures. Trek through the desert to witness the elusive desert-adapted rhinos in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient rock art at Twyfelfontein, or go biking through the rugged terrains, embracing the raw beauty of the Namibian landscapes.


Journey To Another World

From the rich, red dunes of Sossusvlei and the Namib to the dramatic, otherworldly peaks of the Brandberg and from the cool, fog-covered sands of the Skeleton Coast to the deserted ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia offers a wealth of destination choices.  Its deserted coastline is littered with the slowly rusting carcasses of an untold number of wrecked ships and huge colonies of Cape fur seals. Uniquely adapted wildlife species like desert elephants, gemsbok and ostrich are complemented by an array of tiny wonders that spend their lives in the slip faces of myriad sand dunes.

Sossusvlei and Namib Naukluft
Skeleton Coast


Windhoek is the vibrant capital of Namibia that combines modern sophistication with rich cultural heritage to create a captivating destination that invites exploration and makes an ideal stopover before or after a Namibian adventure. With a fascinating blend of architectural styles and attractions, Windhoek offers a delightful fusion of old and new.

Sossusvlei and Namib Naukluft

Sossusvlei is a place of exceptional beauty, where towering red sand dunes meet vast clay pans under a boundless sky. Climb the iconic Dune 45 or conquer Big Daddy, some of the highest dunes in the world. Explore Deadvlei, a clay pan dotted with ancient camelthorn trees, their gnarled and desiccated forms contrasting against the stark backdrop of the dunes.


Swakopmund lies along the Atlantic coastline where the desert meets the wild ocean. The location offers a unique blend of natural beauty, German colonial architecture, and thrilling adventure opportunities. Prepare to be enchanted by the contrasting landscapes, the rich cultural heritage, and the exhilarating adventures that await you in this captivating coastal town

Skeleton Coast

Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast is a remote and mysterious stretch of coastline aptly named for the numerous shipwrecks scattered along its shores and the skeletal remains of whales that once populated the area. This unique destination evokes a sense of mystique and fascination, from its ethereal beauty to dramatic stretches of windswept dunes.