Skeleton Coast

Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast is a remote and mysterious stretch of coastline aptly named for the numerous shipwrecks scattered along its shores and the skeletal remains of whales that once populated the area. 

Mysteriously Raw Beauty, Solitude and Seclusion

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is a 40 km wide and 500 km long remote coastal stretch of the Atlantic coastline that evokes a sense of mystique and fascination. The cold and unpredictable Benguela Current of the Atlantic Ocean clashes with the dune and desert landscape of north-western Namibia here. Holding a dramatic beauty, the often foggy coast and soaring dunes have long been a graveyard for unwary ships and their crews, hence its forbidding name. Early Portuguese sailors called it As Areias do Inferno – The Sands of Hell, as once a ship washed ashore, the fate of the crew was sealed. Aptly named for these shipwrecks and the skeletal remains of whales that once populated the area. From this vast desert landscape to its resilient wildlife, the Skeleton Coast offers an extraordinary highly photographic adventure that will leave a lasting impression. This protected area stretches from Sandwich Harbour, south of Swakopmund, to the Kunene River, taking in dunes and gravel plains to form one of the world’s most inhospitable waterless areas in the world’s oldest desert.

A Wild and Wonderous Disconnect

The Skeleton Coast is steeped in history and mystery, with tales of explorers, traders, and mariners who once ventured into this unforgiving territory. Take guided 4×4 excursions along the coastline, discovering hidden gems such as the shipwrecks that have become iconic landmarks of the area. Marvel at the endless stretches of windswept dunes and vast plains. Immerse yourself in the unique flora and fauna that have adapted to this harsh environment, including desert-adapted elephants, desert lions, black-backed jackals and a variety of windswept bird species. Explore the remains of shipwrecks, silently telling stories of past maritime disasters and the challenges faced by sailors navigating this treacherous coastline. The Skeleton Coast is a place of intrigue and discovery, where history and mystery intertwine to create a captivating narrative. The beauty of the Skeleton Coast is ethereal and ever-changing, a fragile ecosystem that requires careful preservation and conservation with unique biodiversity, marine life and a delicate ecosystem. Responsible tourism and conservation efforts play a vital role in protecting this pristine wilderness, with limited numbers of visitors supporting this notion.


A remote and arid region, there is only one property that we work with here, which balances conscious luxury with riveting experiences in the rugged beauty of the Skeleton Coast.