Northern Cape

The Northern Cape’s Kalahari evokes a picture of never-ending red dunes, big skies and a shimmering sun that bakes down on ancient dry riverbeds.

Kalahari Desert: A Protected Wildlife Haven

The Kalahari Desert in the Northern Cape stands as a protected region of immense beauty and ecological significance. This vast expanse of sun-bleached landscapes lures nature enthusiasts and the more adventurous travellers alike. Towering red dunes, expansive grasslands, and picturesque salt pans create a backdrop for the diverse wildlife that thrives in this arid paradise. Iconic African species such as the lion, graceful cheetah, and elusive leopard roam freely alongside herds of springbok, wildebeest, and oryx. Birdwatchers are delighted by the species of avifauna that grace the skies, including the striking lilac-breasted roller and the formidable secretary bird. The Kalahari’s biodiversity has earned it the status of a protected region, prompting dedicated conservation efforts to safeguard its delicate ecosystems, working tirelessly to combat poaching, promote sustainable tourism, and protect the native species, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at the wonders of the Kalahari Desert and the incredible wildlife that calls it.

A Land of Big Skies And Untamed Beauty

Explore the wide-open spaces and take a closer look at the iconic red dunes of the Kalahari Desert, a mesmerising landscape teeming with unique resilient wildlife and remarkable plant species that have adapted to the arid conditions. Marvel at the ancient rock formations of the Richtersveld, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where rugged mountains and the mighty Orange River create a dramatic backdrop. The Northern Cape offers endless opportunities for adventure, whether it’s hiking through stunning canyons, stargazing under clear night skies, or delving into the fascinating cultural heritage of the early inhabitants of the region. In the southern region known as the green Kalahari, find sweeping vistas, crystal clear night skies and a liberating sense of space, while allowing you to be truly touched by nature.


In the Northern Cape Kalahari, we have hand-selected a variety of high-end accommodation options on the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa’s largest private wildlife reserve which covers an area of over 114,000 hectares of open plains, savannahs and classic Kalahari red dunes at the foot of the Korannaberg Mountains and where protected pangolin roam free and the food tells a story.