Hwange National Park

Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest National Park located in the northwest corner of the country about two hours south of the mighty Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwe's Oldest and Largest National Park

Formerly occupied by the San bushmen and the royal hunting ground for the Matabele king the area was declared for wildlife conservation in 1928. Considered unsuitable for agriculture with its poor soils and scarce water supplies it became a national park with adjoining land. At that point wildlife was almost non-existent, the population of elephants was under threat, and the black and white rhinoceros had been eliminated. With water being the critical element, 60 artificial pans were set up to help boost numbers. To this day, water remains a critical factor in Hwange with many of these waterholes still functioning today and managed by The Friends of Hwange. Spanning vast stretches of acacia woodlands, grassy plains, and mopane forests, Hwange National Park is renowned for its abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems, and captivating natural beauty. Hwange National Park’s management places great emphasis on sustainable practices, ensuring the long-term preservation of the park’s ecosystems and the well-being of its wildlife is key.

A Place Of Protection For Zimbabwe’s Endangered Species

Prepare to be immersed in a safari experience like no other as you explore the wonders of this remarkable park. Hwange National Park is a haven for over 100 mammal and 400 bird species, and the park protects populations of all of Zimbabwe’s endangered species, elephants numbering over 20,000 and what is thought to be one of the largest populations of African wild dogs left in the world. Large prides of lion and buffalo are frequently seen here, and you have a good chance of spotting leopards in addition to cheetahs and spotted hyenas. Ancient, fossilised riverbeds and towering granite outcrops punctuate the park’s scenery while the diverse habitats create an ever-changing tapestry of colours and textures that range from savannahs to shady thickets. Explore the park’s trails on game drives and guided walking safaris led by experienced guides who’ll unveil Hwange’s remarkable flora and fauna. 


Hwange National Park offers accommodation that ranges from luxury lodges to comfortable tented camps, each providing a unique and immersive safari experience.