Malilangwe Private Reserve

Malilangwe Private Reserve in the heart of the Gonarezhou region of Zimbabwe is a sanctuary of untouched beauty and biodiversity, rolling hills and granite outcrops.

Heed The Call Of The Leopard

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is set in the remote south-eastern part of Zimbabwe and covers an expanse of 130,000 hectares. Meaning ‘Call of the Leopard’, Malilingwe is home to a high concentration of black and white rhinos, abundant general game, large breeding herds of elephants and an extensive bird species. Wild dogs raise their pups in the sandstone outcrops and white lions are regularly spotted. The Reserve teems with birds and wildlife, including rare and endangered species such as the Roan and sable antelope, and the black rhino. Famous for its cathedral Mopane forests, Baobab trees and over 100 rock art sites that are over 2000 years old and intricately depict animals and human figures, providing a glimpse into the past. Engage in cultural exchanges with the local Shangaan community, learning about their traditions, music, and crafts as you gain a deeper appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between the people and the land, and how conservation and cultural preservation go hand in hand.

Dedicated To Conservation And Local Communities

As custodians of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, the Malilangwe Trust is a wholly Zimbabwean non-profit organisation that manages the conservation of this pristine wilderness with its 38 different habitats and ecological zones in 130,000 acres of protected land. After successfully introducing black and white rhinos to the reserve in 1998, it’s now home to a globally significant population of both and works to restock rhinos in other reserves around the continent and breeds rare antelope such as sable and roan. The Trust has developed a blueprint for creating harmony between conservation initiatives and community development in villages that neighbour wildlife. Game viewing in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is prolific in the drier months of May to October. The activities offered in the reserve are game drives, bush walks and fishing on the lake. This untouched wilderness offers exquisite, luxury Zimbabwe safari options.


Malilangwe Private Reserve offers a selection of accommodations bordering or within the heart of the reserve. Relax in spacious suites or villas, savour cuisine that showcases local flavours and enjoys personalised service and warm hospitality from the staff