Luangwa National Park

The untamed wilderness of Luangwa National Park is a true haven for wildlife situated along the meandering Luangwa River in Zambia. 

The Birthplace of The Walking Safari

Known as the Valley of the Leopard, it is in South Luangwa that the legendary Norman Carr pioneered the walking safari and conservation-based tourism in Africa. Offering a pristine view of vegetation and grassland along the renowned Luangwa River. There are 60 different animal species, including the rare Thornicroft’s giraffe, and approximately 400 of Zambia’s 732 species of birds that can be seen here, including 39 birds of prey and 47 migrant species, making it a Mecca for birders. Wild dogs, lions and leopards occur abundantly. The river valley has a variety of trees including ivory palm, leadwood, winter horn and marula to add to your delight. Apart from the wild leopards, Cookson’s wildebeest and Thornicroft’s giraffes are sights exclusive to this region. You can choose to have day or night drives, or both if you do not want to miss out on anything.

The Luangwa River, the Lifeblood of the Park

As Zambia’s most popular safari destination, the park itself is around 9,000 sq km in size, with its western and northwestern borders bounded by the Muchinga Escarpment, and the southern border lined with the meandering Luangwa River – a major tributary of the Zambezi. In the dry season, the seasonal river dries up to a series of pools, concentrating the park’s huge hippo population into a relatively small and rapidly depleting area of water. The changing seasons add to the South Luangwa’s richness, ranging from dry, bare bushveld in the winter, to a lush, green wonderland in the summer months. Explore the park’s diverse habitats, open grasslands, dense woodlands and towering escarpments. Set out on thrilling game drives led by expert guides, who possess a deep knowledge and passion for the park’s wildlife. Embark on a leisurely boat cruise or canoe safari along the river’s tranquil channels, where you can observe elephants bathing, hippos wallowing, and crocodiles basking in the sun. 


Luangwa National Park offers a handful of accommodation options. Choose from rustic luxury lodges or authentic tented camps that are designed to blend with the natural surroundings. Whether it's a lodge perched on the riverbanks or a camp nestled in the bush, your accommodation in Luangwa National Park will be a place to unwind and connect with the African wilderness.