Serengeti National Park

Tanzania’s oldest national park and its most renowned, the Serengeti covers a vast area of grassland plains, savannah, riparian forest, and woodlands. 

An Iconic Safari Destination

Located in the northwest of Tanzania, the Serengeti’s northern reaches form the border with neighbouring Kenya, where it is continuous with the Maasai Mara. To the southeast of the park is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to the southwest lies Maswa Game Reserve and to the west are the Ikorongo and Grumeti Game Reserves. There are no fences dividing the conservancies and the animals roam free. The Serengeti offers a front-row seat to the extraordinary wildlife encounters that have made this destination legendary. Whether you embark on thrilling game drives, guided walks, or hot air balloon safaris, the reserve promises unforgettable wildlife encounters that will remind you of nature’s grandeur.

Landscapes testament to the raw beauty of the African continent

The almost treeless grassland of the Serengeti plains in the south offers the most emblematic scenery of the park. This is where the wildebeest breed, as they remain in the plains from December to May. Zebra, gazelle, impala, hartebeest, topi, buffalo and waterbuck also occur in huge numbers during the wet season. The plains are dotted with granite outcrops providing great observation posts for predators, as well as a refuge for hyrax and pythons. Vast grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see, punctuated by rocky outcrops, occasional acacia trees, and meandering rivers. The golden hues of the savannah, especially at sunrise and sunset, create a surreal ambience that adds to the allure.


Serengeti National Park provides a range of accommodation options from luxurious lodges and tented camps that offer a blend of comfort and indulgence, to intimate bush camps that provide an authentic safari experience, all providing ease of access to the park's prime wildlife areas.