Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park, located in the Virunga Mountains of northwestern Rwanda, is renowned as a protected sanctuary for the critically endangered mountain gorillas and primates that occur here.

Encounter Majestic Mountain Gorillas

Volcanoes National Park is one of the few places where you can come face-to-face with mountain gorillas. Embark on a thrilling trek led by experienced guides and trackers in the mist-covered mountains. As you hike through lush forests, your heart races with anticipation until you finally encounter a gorilla family in their natural habitat. Witnessing these gentle giants up close, observing their behaviour, and experiencing the deep connection between humans and gorillas is an indescribable and life-changing experience. Volcanoes National Park is home to several habituated gorilla families, allowing visitors the rare opportunity to contribute to their conservation while fostering a deeper understanding of these remarkable creatures.

Explore Volcanic Landscapes and Biodiversity


Volcanoes National Park is named after the chain of dormant volcanoes making up the Virunga Massif: Karisimbi – the highest at 4,507m, Bisoke with its verdant crater lake, Sabinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura. Today it’s home to luxury lodges as well as wildlife and is easily Rwanda’s leading tourism destination. Tracking endangered mountain gorillas through the dense rainforest, alive with the calls of 200 species of colourful birds, is one of the truly unique experiences in Rwanda, if not the world. The park’s verdant slopes, soaring volcanoes, and dramatic craters create a captivating backdrop for exploration and adventure. Encounter a variety of wildlife, including golden monkeys, duikers, and a rich array of bird species in this volcanic paradise.


Volcanoes National Park offers a selection of eco-conscious luxury lodges that provide a welcoming retreat after a day of exploring in the park. Many near the park's entrance, offer convenient access to gorilla trekking and other activities.