Tembo Plains Camp

Located in the private 128,000-hectare Sapi Reserve, Tembo Plains Camp provides a luxurious escape in Zimbabwe’s pristine wilderness. “Tembo Plains”, translating to “Elephant Plains”, is beautifully situated amidst thick riverine forest along the Zambezi River’s edge.

Elephant Wildlife Haven in Sapi Reserve

Located in the expansive Sapi Reserve near Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park, Tembo Plains Camp offers a tranquil retreat amid Africa’s natural beauty. The camp’s design, blending canvas with stone walls, draws inspiration from the Zimbabwe Ruins, echoing the area’s rich heritage. “Tembo,” meaning elephant in Swahili, aptly describes the camp’s surroundings where these magnificent creatures roam freely.

The camp boasts four tented suites, allowing guests to select from double or twin bed configurations. Each suite seamlessly merges luxury and nature, featuring a private indoor lounge area, an outdoor swimming pool, and a dining space on the veranda. For families or groups, a 2-bedroom suite with a shared lounge and dining area stands as a testament to spacious luxury.

The Tembo Plains Camp luxury tents effortlessly combine modern comfort with the rustic beauty of the African plains. Offering captivating views of the surrounding wilderness, our tents provide the ideal setting for your safari adventure.


Zimbabwe, Sapi Reserve


Each tented suite comes with a private plunge pool overlooking the river.
Guests have access to professional cameras and binoculars throughout their stay


4 Spacious Guest Tents & a 2 Bedroom Family Unit

Child Policy

Children ages 6 and older are welcome


  • All meals & local beverages
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers from/to Victoria Falls Airport 
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Bird watching
  • A Tour of the Falls
  • Transfers to/from National Park Gate / Jetty for 3rd party activities & Victoria Falls town
  • Two game activities per person per day 


  • Customs and Visa fees
  • All unspecified transfers
  • All National Park entrance fees / Conservation fees
  • Imported / premium brand beverages
  • Shop purchases
  • Spa treatments
  • All off-site activities
  • Laundry

The camp offers panoramic views of the Zambezi River, providing a picturesque backdrop for your adventures. Guided game drives offer the opportunity to spot diverse wildlife species, while birdwatching enthusiasts can enjoy the rich avian diversity. For those seeking relaxation, the Zambezi River provides a tranquil setting. Tembo Plains Camp seamlessly blends luxury and nature, making it an ideal base for safari adventures.


Tembo Plains Camp invites guests to explore the African wilderness. Guided game drives unveil the natural wonders of the region, including encounters with elephants and other iconic animals. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be delighted by the avian diversity. Additionally, leisurely moments along the Zambezi River offer a chance to unwind amidst breathtaking landscapes. Tembo Plains Camp promises unforgettable safari experiences and moments of serenity in nature.

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