Delaire Graff Estate

Delaire Graff Estate stands as a beacon of luxury amidst Stellenbosch’s scenic vineyards. A harmonious blend of art, wine, and breathtaking landscapes, it promises an experience unparalleled in elegance and charm.

Where Artistry Meets Wine in Harmony

Delaire Graff Estate, situated within the heart of Stellenbosch’s vineyards, exquisitely embodies the synergy of art and nature. With thoughtfully curated gardens, modern sculptures, and awe-inspiring vistas, the estate provides a sensory voyage that fully engages guests with the allure of South Africa’s landscape.

The estate is not only a visual delight but a culinary adventure as well. Its world-class restaurants invite guests to savor delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, paired perfectly with their acclaimed wines. Delaire Graff Estate proudly continues the legacy of wine excellence, enriching the visitor experience with tastings that embody the essence of the region.

The accommodation at Delaire Graff Estate epitomizes luxury. With curated art, private pools, and stunning views, each suite and villa offers an elegant retreat where modern design meets natural beauty, promising an unforgettable stay.


South Africa, Cape Winelands​


One of the top wine estates in South Africa with exceptional views overlooking the Stellenbosch Valley
Carefully curated contemporary art collection
All rooms enjoy a private deck area and heated, private plunge pools

No of Rooms

17 luxury lodges

Style of accommodation

An extravagant, luxury boutique hotel and winery

Child Policy

Children aged 12 and older are welcome.


  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Cellar tour
  • Wine tasting 
  • Access to the art collection.


  • Lunch & dinner
  • Beverages 
  • Spa treatments 
  • Gratuities

Delaire Graff Estate sets the bar for luxury accommodation with its exquisite suites and villas. Offering private pools, contemporary design, and personalized service, each abode becomes a sanctuary of elegance and tranquility. Guests relish the beauty of the surrounding landscapes while reveling in the opulence of their retreat.

Beyond its visual and gastronomic marvels, Delaire Graff Estate actively contributes to the cultural fabric of the region. The estate’s commitment to local artists, artisans, and community development creates a dynamic cultural oasis. With its world-class amenities and heartfelt engagement, the estate stands as a testament to South Africa’s rich heritage and boundless creative spirit.

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